Fender Marcus Miller Jazz Bass 4-String
Fender Standard Jazz Bass 4-String
Warwick Corvette Doublebuck Bass 5-String
Carvin Bunny Brunel BB-75 Fretless Bass 5-String
Schecter Stiletto Elite-5 Diamond Series Bass 5-String
Cort Curbow 5 Bass 5-String
Fender Standard Telecaster Guitar 6-String
Ovation Ultra Acoustic Guitar 6-String

King 6B Duo Gravis Bass Trombone Brass
King 3B Tenor Trombone with F attachment Silver
H.N. White "The King" Tenor Trombone Silver
H.N. White Cleveland Tenor Trombone Brass
King Cleveland 605 Tenor Trombone - THE FIRST HORN Brass
Buescher Super Aristocrat Tenor Trombone with F attachment Brass
Elkhart by Buescher Tenor Trombone Brass
ART Musical Instruments American Triumph Tenor Trombone Silver
Harry Pedler & Sons American Triumph Tenor Trombone Brass
Hospe Artist Tenor Trombone Brass
Martin Imperial Tenor Trombone Brass
Getzen Super Deluxe Tenor Trombone Brass
Getzen Super Deluxe Trumpet Brass


(Above: Bo's bass guitar rig features amplfication by AMPEG. For larger venues, Bo uses the powerful
Ampeg B2-RE amplifier combined with an Ampeg SVT-15E cabinet and an Ampeg SVT-410HE cabinet.
For smaller venues, Bo uses a Genz-Benz Intro50 combo amplifier.)


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